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HomeAdvisor Screened ProHere at Garage Door Services we have a team that has devoted 10 years into this company; advancing our skills and learning the in’s and out’s of repairing and installing garage doors of all kinds. Our garage door specialists have seen the not so bad, somewhat bad, and worst of garage doors throughout the years; but with the knowledge and experience of our team we will not hesitate to get the job that is needed with your garage door, done. We are currently serving the Stanislaus County and along with the Stockton, and Merced’s surrounding areas. Our expertise lies exclusively with garage doors, openers, springs, sensors, and all other garage door parts. As a family owned business we strive to give you 100% satisfaction with affordable pricing with every job accounted for, and we also provide all customers with same day services. We here at Garage Door Services have a respected, and professional team that will provide you with the best services and a happy-friendly experience.

For that, all of the parts that we provide our customers with have a warranty that will fit the needs of the customer and the customers family. Also for our company and our repair specialists working so closely with our clients, we like to provide and work with highest quality parts for your residential doors, so for the years to come; you can easily enter and exit your garage with comfort. With that being said, our professionals also know that mishap on your garage door could happen at any given moment and here at Garage Door Services Modesto we provide you with any of our specialists that are on call 24/7 to keep your life running smoothly.

We’d be happy to assist you with more information, and or to schedule a free consultation give us call now at: (209)-272-4123.